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Facio-Retailer is complete software solution for apparel, the best selling software with unmatched modular solution with powerful tools more over it takes care of each and every requirement of retailer. It provides comprehensive solution for accounting, sales, purchase, order management and MIS reporting.

Facio-Retailer can handle hundreds of transactions per minute, from multiple points of entry.
FACIO ERP Facio-Retailer lets you easily locate items by identifying stock location.
FACIO ERP Facio-Retailer has multi-levels of security to suit your needs.
FACIO ERP Facio-Retailer has many powerful reports for all of your needs and gives you an easy way to customize your reports.
FACIO ERP Facio-Retailer gives full access to customer relation.
FACIO ERP Facio-Retailer is an integrated inventory, accounting management solution you can rely on that can be as simple as you need and as advanced as you would like.
FACIO ERP Facio-Retail gives full access to customer relation.


FACIO ERP More Business, Increased Sales.
FACIO ERP Faster fulfillment of stock allocation and more accurate stock counts.
FACIO ERP No delays in transactions and no unauthorized access to sensitive areas.
FACIO ERP Powerful and easy to use report generators offer you a wealth of information at your fingertips.
FACIO ERP Ability to export any of the canned reports to EXCEL, EXPLORER, PDF or any other format. Any report can be emailed within software.
FACIO ERP Customer relation = Growth in sales and Growth in profit.

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