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Facio PLM - Complete Solution for Apparel

Take control of your product development process with an easy to use, highly graphical product lifecycle management solution. Now you can manage images, tech packs, quotations, bids, pre-concept lines and materials and organize and track samples and production in one easy-to-use system designed specifically for the fashion and soft goods industries


FACIO ERP Opens up the opportunity to trace, control and document work related to environmental and social responsibility.
FACIO ERP Shortens lead times
FACIO ERP Enables growth
FACIO ERP Keeps the profit up with unchanged workforce
FACIO ERP Effectuates the potential with global production
FACIO ERP Generates the ability to steer information to the right user and receiver – both within and outside the company
FACIO ERP Frees up more time for creative work
FACIO ERP Creates one, common view in the company of how things stand


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